Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Happens in Ephraim, Stays in Ephraim

An invite arrives in the mail.
Something about a dance, a DJ, BYOB and Ephraim.
The Ephraim Village Hall?
Really weird.
After looking at the RSVP contacts I realized it was being thrown by people who were newish empty nesters like ourselves. Friends and familiar faces throwing a big ole dance in "Ephraim".
Ephraim is one of the prettiest, most quaint villages in Door County. It's also dry, as in alcohol, everything's gotta be white and they are prickly and stickly about zones and codes.
Dry+Ephraim=Crusty and Dusty.
Invite casually put aside. I'll think about it.
Meanwhile, we are hooking up with our near and dear Empty Nester pals planning on attending "Door Idol".
Yep, "Door Idol".
Just what you think, but it's always fun and surprising.

The weekend arrives and Martha, as usual, is making the plans. "Okay! Wild Tomato for pizza, Door Idol and then the Ephraim dance party!"
What???? The Ephraim dance party?
So we hit the Tomato for some amazing pizza and then to the auditorium for "Idol".
Ah, nice fun. We had a great time and appreciate the young people for their efforts. Always reminded of what a fun show it is, and how you can always count on tickets to sell out which is good for the county.
"Okay people. On to Ephraim"
It's 10:30... pm.
On the drive to Ephraim, John and I discuss how we're going to put in an appearance then head on home, as well as how much we would just love to skip the whole thing, and who would even miss us?
We are prepared with a cooler stocked with really nice beer. You know, for show because we always just drink Ray's really good stuff.
First to arrive, we watch Martha trounce up the steps of the EVH (Ephraim Village Hall for short.) She ducks her head in, and comes back with a report that there aren't very many people here.
We can enter and escape without notice.
Up we go, scan the place... know some people, don't know some. Quick and easy!

I don't know how it happened. I can't even remember the first song we decided to dance to, but here it is in a nutshell:
I was the engine in a long train.
The pastor's wife threw down the dance gauntlet and won every time.
Blake broke out his MJ, which was extremely impressive.
Kay clearly doesn't need a partner.
Ned and Natalie never stopped dancing.
Johnny Law's got some moves.
Martha can twirl a scarf.
Every time you try to be jealous of Kim and her beauty, she just makes you grin from ear to ear.

To totally cap off the evening. Deb and Fred were there.
I had heard of her dancing powers, but never seen them in motion.
Every song, every beat she was there.

That's when I decided I was tired and she and John should dance together.
Boom! Off they go! Swinging and twirling, just going to town!
As I walked away from them I saw Fred, shoulders hunched, hands in pockets.
I motioned toward him and pointed at our spouses.
His response?
"He'll never be the same".

I will never pass up a dance invite again.

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